DjHistory is the sparkling mirrorball in the dusty basement of Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton, the authors of classic dancefloor history Last Night a DJ Saved My Life. Originally launched in 2000, DjH has long been the refuge of the world’s finest DJs, record collectors and work-shy trainspotters. We’re going to dig deep to bring you large characters from dance music’s long history, as well as bright young things keeping the spirit alive. Join us in our mission to find every single brilliant tune worth knowing about.

We’re keen to bring new writers into the fold. Our remit is to document dance music history, so if there’s a corner of it you’d like to cover, or if there’s someone you think we should interview, please get in touch. And we’re always interested in new books or research papers about the culture and history of dance music, so if you’ve written one, send it to us to write about.

The DjHistory podcast will bring you voices from across the culture. And our shop will slowly fill up with books, music and merch. Get in touch if you have something you think we’d like to sell. Most of all, let’s chat. The forum is a fresh playing field waiting for you to run in and start kicking things. We’d dearly love to reinstate the archive with its classic threads, but for privacy and GDPR reasons it has to remain a distant memory. So sign up and start sharing your wit and wisdom. It’s why you finally deleted Facebook.